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Hydraulic Press Workshop Press

Motorised Workshop Presses

A must-have for every workshop!


Horizontal Presses

Our universal straightening and bending hydraulic press with NC-control

C-Frame Press

C-frame Presses

Large assortment of C-frame presses for a wide variety of operations, like stamping, forming and deep-drawing

Portal Presses with Manual Movable Portal

Suitable for handling large / heavy material, exclusively made in the Netherlands

Manual Hydraulic Press - 50 Ton HF-2

Manual Workshop Presses

For general assembly and straightening work, can be operated by hand or by foot

4 Column Press (small version)

Small 4 Column Presses

Multiple 4 Column Presses for accurate press operations

Portal Presses with Motorised Movable Portal

Thanks to the movable frame and cylinder you have easy access to all different points of the surface

Cambering Presses

Designed for the straightening & bending of large profiles, bars and beams

Four Column Presses

Equipped with four columns for increased accuracy and parallelism

Production Presses

Excellent for stamping, die-cutting, forming and to incorporate in automated production lines

Mechanical Presses

Mechanical C-Frame Presses

A wide range of mechanical c-frame presses for high-performance tasks

Double Column Press - Profi Press

Mechanical Presses

Mechanical presses with large table sizes and 1 or 2 connecting rods

SMC Hydraulic Press - Profi Press

SMC Presses

Excellent for the production of composite materials, rubber and other components

Broaching Presses

Created for precision machining tasks

Tripod Jack Tester

Tripod Jack Tester

Tripod jack test units, designed for the Dutch Ministry of Defence

Punching Machines

Characterized by a durable design with an interchangeable punch-tool system

Profile Bending Machines

With our profile bending machine assortment you can bend many profiles in almost any desired radius

Rack Presses

Robust and ergonomic presses, mainly used for small assembly tasks

Rubberpad Forming Presses

Rubberpad forming presses save you a lot of material and reduce processing steps

Custom-Made Presses

Special requirements for a hydraulic press? RHTC customizes hydraulic presses entirely!

Machine Accessories

We can deliver our presses, punching- and profile bending machines with several accessories for specific tasks

Here you will find an overview of our high quality hydraulic presses, profile bending machines and punching machines. We also manufacture custom-made presses. Furthermore, we deliver several machine accessories with our presses, bending- and punching machines. Please click further to find out more about each model.

A hydraulic press for every branch


Presses for automotive industryMany of our C-frame presses are being used for developing and testing parts in the automotive industry.

Presses for truck industryThis workshop press is used to press wheel bearings in and out.

Press for aviation industryThis press line is used to press and form toilet doors of airplanes.

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