Manual workshop presses

The manual workshop press from Profi Press is made in Europe. Available in three different models.


The H-frame of this hydraulic workshop press is made out of quality steel. This garage press is excellent for general assembly and straightening tasks. A must-have for every workshop / garage.


We have three different models in our program: the 15 ton HF-2, the 30 ton HF-2 and the 50 ton HF-2. The 15 ton HF-2 has a fixed cylinder, but the 30 and 50 ton HF-2 have a movable cylinder (left – right). The height of the working table is easy to adjust, so you can work with many different material / product sizes. The manually operated workshop presses from Profi Press are all standard equipped with a hand pump with double operation (it can be used as a foot pump as well). Furthermore, it has an integrated pressure manometer for reading out the applied pressure, a chrome piston (with automatic piston return). We also deliver a set of V-blocks with these presses.

Manual workshop presses_Profi Press

All our workshop presses can be delivered straight from our stock in the Netherlands. So, if you need one fast, we deliver them within a week within Europe! This type of garage press has a warranty of 1 year and we guarantee a high quality for this Profi Press.

At our You-Tube channel we show a video of the Profi Press manual workshop press. Let us know what you think!


Profi Press workshop presses

Our Profi Press assortment contains motorised workshop presses as well. So, if you are looking for an electro-hydraulic workshop press: you can find these models here on our website. If you need some advice on which hydraulic press you would need for your tasks, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help and to answer your questions.


15 TON HF2

15 ton, hand- and foot operated workshop press

30 TON HF2

30 ton, hand- and foot operated workshop press

50 TON HF2

50 ton, hand- and foot operated workshop press

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