Rack presses

The Profi Press rack press is robust and made in Europe.


The power of these rack presses is linear and constant over the entire stroke according to the force that is applied on the lever. These presses are robust, ergonomic and mainly used for small assembly tasks.

The stroke of these rack presses can be adjusted and locked for rotation, ensuring precision and durability. You can install a tool directly on the piston head and all these rack presses can be installed on a work bench.

Made in Europe and delivered with a warranty of 1 year.


Pressure force of 200 kg and a table size of 100 x 70 mm


Pressure force of 400 kg and a table size of 130 x 120 mm


Pressure force of 600 kg and a table size of 160 x 145 mm


Pressure force of 1400 kg and a rotating table of ∅ 238 mm

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