4 Column Presses

Four Column Press - Profi Press

Our hydraulic 4 column press is designed to perform work with high accuracy. Its quality is extremely high!


Do you need to carry out tasks that involve die-cutting, metal forming and pressing? With a high accuracy and perfect parallelism? We highly recommend our four column presses: we have small and big models, from 50 up to 300 Tons!


Perfect precision

These hydraulic presses have a mechanized lower- and upper table with T-grooves. The four columns ensure a perfect parallelism and alignment of the upper table. Thanks to the threaded M12 holes and T-grooves, you can easily install your molds / tools. Furhtermore, the lower table has a central hole as well; waste from punching operations can fall freely through this hole.

Table of the Four Column Press (PPFCP-model)

We manufacture these high quality four column presses in Europe. The control panel features a selector for manual, or semi-automatic operation. It is easy to adjust and control the position of the upper table with the NC-control (accuracy of 0.1 mm). And next to this digital-control to set the stroke and permanence time, you are also able to adjust the pressure and speeds by the hydraulic valves that are installed onto the 4 column press.

A safe operation

The operation of these hydraulic presses is carried out by low-voltage electrical pedals. This Profi Press 4 column press is produced with solely high quality components. They fulfill the latest safety and health CE-regulations and we deliver them with a warranty of two years as well.

Please contact us when you would like to receive a quotation for one of our standard or custom-made presses! We are happy to help!

Four Column Press (Profi Press)

4 Column Press (small version)


50 ton capacity, made in Europe!

4 Column Press (small version)


80 ton capacity, made in Europe!

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