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Our best-sellers

C-Frame Press, 50 ton (PPC-50)

C-frame press

For a wide range of press purposes / to incorporate in automated production lines


Horizontal bending press

A universal hydraulic press for bending, profiling and straightening purposes

In the spotlight!

Tripod Jack Tester

Tripod Jack Testers

Designed to check the pressure forces of tripod jacks. Delivered to Dutch Ministry of Defence

Deep Drawing Presses - Profi Press

Deep Drawing Presses

High speed hydraulic deep-drawing presses, up to 600 ton

300 Ton Workshop Press - Custom-made

Customized Hydraulic Presses

We are specialized in Custom-Made Hydraulic Presses



Our worldwide dealernetwork

We deliver our Profi Press hydraulic presses & mechanical presses, Profi Punch punching machines and Profi Bend profile benders via our global dealer network. We have more than 100 dealers all over the world.  Together with our dealers we provide first class local support and service for our high quality hydraulic presses, punching- and profile bending machines.

Worldwide dealers



We are also a member of the EAMTM: the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants. The association represents more than 150 dealers in 20 countries. The EAMTM exists foremost to promote high trading standards & mutual trust. Many members of the EAMTM sell our high quality hydraulic presses, profile bending machines and punching machines.


EAMTM dealer
RHTC dealernetwork


New Custom-Made Straightening Press

What is better than starting your day by being introduced to a new custom-made straightening press from Profi Press? 🌅✨ Meet the special PPTL-60 - where our Portal Press meets our C-frame Press! This is more than just a machine; this Profi Press is a real...

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300 Ton Workshop Press back in stock!

🚨 Exciting News! 🚨 Our 300 Ton Workshop Press will be arriving BACK IN STOCK! 💪🛠️ Whether you're tackling heavy-duty projects or need unmatched power, this Profi Press beast has you covered. Don't miss out on this ultimate hydraulic workshop press for all your...

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Profi Press at GLOBAL Industrie Paris 2024!

🔧🏭 RHTC Invites You to see the Profi Press at GLOBAL Industrie Paris 2024! 🏭🔧 We are delighted to announce that RHTC will be present at the prestigious GLOBAL Industrie exhibition, taking place from Monday 25th of March until Thursday 28th of March at Paris Nord...

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Hydraulic Press Channel – Profi Press Cooperation

📢 Big Announcement  📢 We are very proud to share the incredible news that we've kicked off the year by supplying the Hydraulic Press Channel with a brand-new hydraulic press 💥 Behold the spectacular debut video featuring their new Profi Press, a custom-made 300 Ton...

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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2024

🎄Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎁 Our office will be closed from December 23th to January 7th, but don’t worry, our email elves are on duty! 📧 Do bear in mind that our response time may be a bit slower than usual. We want to thank everybody for...

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C-frame Press (50 tons) delivery to France

🚀 RHTC is proud to announce this C-frame Press (50 tons) delivery! Our French RHTC department recently sold and shipped the Siemens NC-equipped PPCM-50 C-Frame Press to our French customer SOMERI in Tulle ! 🛠️ SOMERI, with its expertise since 1974, excels in design,...

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Our machines for every branch


Customers from a wide variety of branches use our machines. Since we produce custom-made presses as well, our hydraulic presses perform their tasks in almost every possible branche

press for automotive industry

Presses for automotive industryMany of our C-frame presses are being used for developing and testing parts in the automotive industry.

Hydraulic Presses for Truck Industry

Presses for truck industryThis workshop press is used to press wheel bearings in and out.

Hydraulic Presses for Aviation Industry

Press for aviation industryThis press line is used to press and form toilet doors of airplanes.

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