Four column presses

Our hydraulic four column press is designed to perform work with high accuracy and the quality of these 4 column presses is extremely high.


When you need to carry out tasks that involve deep-drawing, die-cutting, metal forming, stamping and pressing with a high accuracy, we highly recommend our four column presses.


Perfect parallelism

Our hydraulic 4 column presses are equipped with a mechanized lower- and upper table with T-shaped grooves. The four cylindrical, chromed columns with lateral rails ensure a perfect alignment and minimal friction in the vertical movement of the upper table. You can easily adjust and control the position of this upper table (piston stroke) from a side panel.

These hydraulic column presses are equipped with a double acting cylinder and with maintenance-free anti-wear guides. Furthermore, the presses have a two-speed motorised hydraulic unit with an automatic deactivation of the high speed. Also the hydraulic unit is provided with a cylinder decompression valve, a silent hydraulic pump, a pressure switch and a manometer in tons. The control panel of this hydraulic press features a selector for the manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation as well as the selector for the two different cylinder speeds (fast approach speed and slow working speed).


A safe operation

The operation of these hydraulic presses is carried out by low-voltage electrical pedals. The safety of these four column presses is guaranteed by level IV photo-electrical sensors situated at the front of the press, two fixed lateral protection panels and one protection panel (which can be opened) with a magnetic detector disconnection switch situated at the rear. The electric and hydraulic manoeuvres are self-controlled, to ensure the safest operation.

The Profi Press hydraulic four column press is made in Europe with solely high quality components. They fulfill the latest safety and health CE-regulations and we deliver them with a warranty of two years.

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50 ton, four column press



80 ton, four column press



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300 ton, four column press

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