A few of our references

C-frame Press, 100 ton (PPCM-100) delivered to STILL GmbH

C-frame Press, delivered to STILL GmbH


Jack Tester Units, delivered to the

Dutch Ministry of Defence

Tripod Jack Tester


Portal Presses, delivered to the

Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Hydraulic Gantry Press used in the Aerospace Industry


Hydraulic presses line, delivered to

Aeroworks Composites

Press line Profi Press


Rubberpad Forming Press, delivered to

Marel Poultry B.V.

Rubberpad Forming Press


400 tons portal press with 6 meter table length, delivered to Sigma Gruppe

Large Gantry Press - 400 ton


Profi Press C-frame Press, PPCD-model, delivered to Airbus Helicopters

C-frame Press delivered to Airbus Helicopters




Multiple C-frame Presses, delivered to

Vestatec U.K.

Profi Press C-frame Presses


Hydraulic Punching Machine with Customized Tools, delivered to SodaStream

Hydraulic Punching Machine