About RHTC

The worldwide supplier of the Profi Press, the Profi Punch and the Profi Bend 

RHTC office

RHTC office and warehouse in the Netherlands


RHTC is the proud manufacturer and supplier of high quality hydraulic presses (better known as the ‘Profi Press‘), punching machines (the ‘Profi Punch‘) and profile bending machines (the ‘Profi Bend‘). We strive to deliver the best quality machinery that Europe can offer.

We have a wide range of hydraulic presses, punching machines and profile bending machines in our program. Our machines are made by using advanced CNC machines and robots. A RHTC machine is durable, robust and reliable. And that is the reason why we confidently provide our machines with a one or two-year guarantee.


If you are looking for a supplier that knows the world, you should cooperate with us: we have an extensive international network from which you can also benefit! We look forward to be in touch with you! Contact us via the website, send us an e-mail or give us a call!

Sales team

Rob Huberts



Tim Huberts

Sales Manager


Aniek Kellendonk

Communications & Sales


André Huberts

Administration & Sales


Esther Huberts

Marketing & Sales