High quality hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, punching machines and profile bending machines, all made in Europe



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Tripod Jack Tester

Tripod Jack Testers

Designed to check the pressure forces of tripod jacks. Delivered to Dutch Ministry of Defence

Mechanical C-Frame Presses - Profi Press

Eccentric C-Frame Presses

For a wide range of purposes with a high production rate

Large Mechanical Presses - Profi Press

Mechanical Presses

With big table sizes to perform large metal forming tasks

Deep Drawing Presses - Profi Press

Deep Drawing Presses

High speed hydraulic deep-drawing presses, up to 600 ton

Our best-sellers

C-frame Press - PPCT-model

NEW in stock: C-frame press

For a wide range of press purposes / to incorporate in automated production lines


Horizontal bending press

A universal hydraulic press for bending, profiling and straightening purposes



Our worldwide dealernetwork

We deliver our Profi Press hydraulic presses & mechanical presses, Profi Punch punching machines and Profi Bend profile benders via our global dealer network. We have more than 100 dealers all over the world.  Together with our dealers we provide first class local support and service for our high quality hydraulic presses, punching- and profile bending machines.

Worldwide dealers



We are also a member of the EAMTM: the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants. The association represents more than 150 dealers in 20 countries. The EAMTM exists foremost to promote high trading standards & mutual trust. Many members of the EAMTM sell our high quality hydraulic presses, profile bending machines and punching machines.


EAMTM dealer
RHTC dealernetwork



Why our customers choose our Profile Bender

Our profile bender a real best-seller. Our customers like it so much because its base is very robust and you can work with it very fast as well. The rollers have a rotational speed of 11 rotations per minute!! During the conversations that we have with our customers,...

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New Year, New Additions to our Profi Press Program!

We started 2021 by adding many new presses in our product program, to serve our customers even better than before. Finding the perfect press that matches the requirements of our clients, is one of our main priorities. That is the reason why we expand our program every...

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Best Wishes from RHTC!

We would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2021! Especially this year we would like to thank you for the pleasant business relationship. Thank you for your trust in our company and we hope to continue our cooperation in the...

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A diverse week with many hydraulic machinery deliveries

This week is going to be diverse with many different hydraulic machinery deliveries! Yesterday we received orders for our manual workshop presses, motorized workshop presses and profile bending machines. And last Friday we received an order for a 160 ton portal press...

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Custom 100 ton hydraulic press, ready for export shipment

Last week we finished this custom 100 ton hydraulic press and it is now ready for export shipment. This hydraulic press is based on our production press, but our customer required some changes in its design and functions. Producing a custom-made hydraulic press is no...

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Our machines for every branch


Customers from a wide variety of branches use our machines. Since we produce custom-made presses as well, our hydraulic presses perform their tasks in almost every possible branche

press for automotive industry

Presses for automotive industryMany of our C-frame presses are being used for developing and testing parts in the automotive industry.

Hydraulic Presses for Truck Industry

Presses for truck industryThis workshop press is used to press wheel bearings in and out.

Hydraulic Presses for Aviation Industry

Press for aviation industryThis press line is used to press and form toilet doors of airplanes.

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