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Profi Punch 16 TON

The Profi Punch ’16 is an hydraulic punching machine that can be used as a C-frame press as well.

This punching machine can be delivered with several punch tools (standard or custom-made), these tools can be fixed directly onto the pressure plunger. Thanks to this punching system, a wide range of punching operations can be done with only one machine (and the interchangeable tooling).

Made in Europe and directly delivered from our stock.

Technical specifications

  • Pressure force [tn]: 16
  • Motor power [kW]: 2.2
  • Min. working speed [mm/sec]: 2
  • Max. working speed [mm/sec]: 9.8
  • Return speed [mm/sec]: 20
  • Piston stroke [mm]: 70
  • Throat depth [mm] 160
  • Total length [mm]: 800
  • Total width [mm]: 450
  • Total height [mm]: 1430
  • Weight [kg]: 350


  • Can be used as punching machine as well as C-frame press
  • Adjustable piston stroke up to 70 mm
  • Manual / Automatic mode
  • Interchangeable punch tools, for example:
    • Corner wedge shaped punch
    • Pipe cutter for perpendicular pipe
    • Slotted hole punch
    • Corner rounding notcher
    • Corner cutting notcher
    • Hole puncher for pipes
    • Sheet metal cutter


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