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Profi Punch 16 TON

The Profi Punch ’16 is an hydraulic punching machine that can be used as a C-frame press as well.

Our punching machines can be delivered with several punch tools (standard or custom-made). These tools can be fixed directly under the pressure plunger of this hydraulic punching machine. Thanks to this punching system, a wide range of punching and pressing operations can be done with only one machine (and interchangeable tooling).

This hydraulic punching machine is made in Europe and we deliver it directly from our stock.

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Technical specifications

  • Pressure force [tn]: 16
  • Motor power [kW]: 2.2
  • Min. working speed [mm/sec]: 2
  • Max. working speed [mm/sec]: 9.8
  • Return speed [mm/sec]: 20
  • Piston stroke [mm]: 70
  • Throat depth [mm] 160
  • Total length [mm]: 800
  • Total width [mm]: 450
  • Overall height [mm]: 1430
  • Weight [kg]: 350


  • Can be used as punching machine and C-frame press
  • Adjustable piston stroke up to 70 mm
  • Manual / Automatic mode
  • Interchangeable punch tools, for example:
    • Corner wedge shaped punch
    • Pipe cutter for perpendicular pipe
    • Slotted hole punch
    • Corner rounding notcher
    • Corner cutting notcher
    • Hole puncher for pipes
    • Sheet metal cutter


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