100 Ton Portal Press: PPTL-100

Straightening Press - Portal Press - Profi Press

This 100 ton portal press has a manually movable portal and is exclusively made in Europe.

Thanks to the movable portal and cylinder you can easily reach every point of the ‘to be pressed’ surface. The design of this portal press makes it possible to place heavy material on the table with a crane and to slide the portal over the material when the pressing starts.

The quality of these hydraulic straightening presses is very high. Furthermore, the hydraulic unit is equipped with a pressure regulator, 2 speeds, joystick and a hand pump for precision pressing. The operation of these presses is the same as our motorised workshop presses.

Our 100 ton portal press is directly available from our stock in the Netherlands.

Technical specifications of this 100 ton portal press

  • Pressure force [kN]: 981
  • Motor power [kW]: 3
  • Working speed [mm/sec]: 2.47
  • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 7.54
  • Return speed [mm/sec]: 9.06
  • Maximum pressure [bar]: 258
  • Piston stroke [mm]: 380
  • Table size (L x W) [mm]: 1740 x 996
  • Vertical light [mm]: 700
  • Working height [mm]: 720
  • Manually movable cylinder and frame
  • Total height [mm]: 2034
  • Total length [mm]: 1740
  • Total width [mm]: 1670
  • Weight [kg]: 1685


Features of these portal presses

  • Manually movable portal
  • Movable cylinder (left – right)
  • Cylinder extension to reach the table
  • Integrated pressure manometer
  • Pressure regulation
  • Hydraulic unit with two speeds
  • Joystick for the control of the piston
  • Hand pump for precise press work

Straightening Press 100 Ton - Profi Press Portal Press

We also have portal presses with 1500 mm working width in our standard hydraulic press – program. You can find them here on our website. 


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