Manual Hydraulic Press (50 Ton HF-2)

Manual Hydraulic Press - 50 Ton HF-2

Our manual hydraulic press (50 ton HF-2) can be operated by hand as well as by foot: the handpump is interchangeable to a foot pump. This  workshop press has a movable cylinder and the height of the work table is easy to adjust with a winch. Thanks to the in-height adjustable work table of this hydraulic press, you can easily work with different material / product sizes.

The hand- and foot operated Profi Presses have an integrated manometer and a chrome piston (that returns automatically). Standard supplied with a set of V-blocks for extra support. These manual hydraulic presses are made in Europe and delivered according to the latest CE standards.

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We keep these hand- and foot operated hydraulic presses in our stock in the Netherlands, so if you need one fast, let us know! We deliver them over the whole world and within Europe we can deliver these presses within a couple of days.

Movable Cylinder of our Manual Hydraulic Press (50 ton HF-2)
Hand- and Foot Pump of our Manual H-Frame Presses
Table Adjustment Manual Hydraulic Press - 50 ton HF-2

Technical specifications of the 50 ton HF-2

  • Pressure force [kN]: 490.5
  • Pressure max. [bar]: 399.5
  • Cylinder stroke [mm]: 160
  • System capacity [dm³]: 2.5
  • Movable cylinder: yes
  • Working width [mm]: 750
  • Weight [kg]: 340


  • Inside diameter of cylinder [mm]: 140
  • Diameter of piston rod [mm]: 50
  • Diameter of piston head [mm]: 60


  • Hand- and foot operated
  • Movable cylinder
  • The height of the worktable is easy to adjust by means of a winch
  • Integrated pressure manometer
  • Chrome piston
  • Automatic piston return
  • V-block set


  • Mandrel set of Ø 5, 10, 14, 18, 24 and 29 mm (with a suitable piston head for the 50 ton HF-2)

Dimensions of this manual hydraulic press (50 ton)

Drawing with Dimensions_Manual Workshop Presses

Click on the imagine above to have a good overview of the dimensions of the manual hydraulic presses from Profi Press.

If you would like to see some demonstration videos of our hydraulic presses, go visit our RHTC YouTube channel! And of course, you are most welcome to visit our showroom to get a live demonstration as well. 


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