This week we browsed through some old pictures and we came across some golden oldies: our workshop presses from 10 years ago. For us this is a good reason to dedicate a nice article to them as a Throwback Thursday post. Curious? Let’s take a trip down memory-lane and read about the evolution of our workshop press:

Back in the days when our director Rob Huberts started his company RHTC, our Profi Press workshop presses were not made in the Netherlands yet. For a long time we produced these hydraulic presses in Poland. This factory in Poland still manufactures our manual workshop presses, to our great satisfaction.

In 2012 we started to produce our motorised workshop presses in the Netherlands. The big advantage for us was the flexibility, the expertise in cylinders and shorter delivery times. By switching between the two factories, the design has changed as well. The evolution of our workshop press shows that they are much more modern and user-friendly now then they were before 2012.

A few points that has been changed over time:
  • Moving the cylinder horizontally is done without tools, just by turning some handles by hand. Back in the days you had to fix and loosen the cylinder with spanners in order to be able to move the cylinder from left to right.
  • The frame and feet of the workshop presses are nicely rounded and flattened for a modern look. Back in the days those were made with U-beams and corner profiles.
  • The manometer is placed in the frame itself, so the operated can easily read out the pressure / tonnage. Back in the days the manometer was placed on top of the frame.

The golden oldies are still active all over the world. Every once in a while we receive a question or message from customers that work with these workshop presses. And that proves the quality of this type of press. They are in operation for over a decade, but still work like a charm.

At RHTC we stay on top of our game to provide our global dealer network with high quality machines. We always try to improve and extend our program. However let us not forget about the golden oldies and think back about them from time to time.

Evolution workshop presses


Are you interested to see the factory where our motorised workshop presses are being produced for over 8 years now? Have a look at this video and find out more!