For more than 15 years, the Profi Press has been a well-known name in the metalworking industry. The hydraulic workshop presses, which are manufactured in the Netherlands, are supplied by RHTC, who has been active on the global market since 2003.

For the production of the Profi Press workshop presses, RHTC selected Lacom in Budel (near Eindhoven, the Netherlands) to build these presses exclusively for RHTC. The production of the Profi Press is fully automated. All their high-quality CNC machines are equipped with robots and this helps to guarantee a perfect product quality. In addition, Lacom specializes in hydraulic cylinders in all sizes, tonnages and lengths.


No problems at all

Since the Profi Press is produced with high-quality CNC machines, all parts are always interchangeable. RHTC therefore never has problems with a possible delivery of spares. However, due to the high standards of the Profi Press, it is rarely necessary to deliver a part. Manufacturing in the Netherlands is very popular because materials and products are being produced in accordance with the correct power calculations and safety guidelines. RHTC can control the costs in the Netherlands because the current CNC machines indicate when certain tools need to be replaced. In this way, the exact number of pieces per tool can be calculated so that RHTC can be price-resilient. Prices are only increasing when the market increases its steel prices and hourly wages. This shows that the value for money can also be good in Dutch production environment.


A big dealer network

The global dealer network of RHTC is large and constantly expanding. The Profi Press dealers stick to the brand and due to the high quality of the machines the Profi Press sells itself. RHTC thinks that this is a result of the Dutch high-quality production, which is a unique selling point for the dealers. In addition to the growing dealer network, RHTC is also expanding the program. Every company that processes metal can find a machine in the RHTC program. For example, the new 28 ton C-frame press (PPC-28) and the new bestseller HB-28NC (a horizontal press with NC-control and a press-block height of 200 mm) received a lot of attention at the Euroblech 2018.


Portal presses with a large working surface

Since 2017, Lacom has also been producing Profi Press portal presses in a 100 ton and 160 ton version. These gantry presses are equipped with a large table (1740 x 996 mm) and a manually movable portal and movable cylinder, making it easy to press into any corner of the material. These hydraulic presses are especially suitable for pressing large and heavy materials and straightening plates. The heavy materials can be placed onto the table with a crane or forklift, because the portal can completely slide to one side, which results in a lot of free space. More and more people see the ingeniousness of this portal press and the sales of this hydraulic press are rising steadily. RHTC received many requests for the portal press during the Euroblech.


Advantages of manufacturing your product in the Netherlands

In conclusion, according to RHTC, the production of their product in the Netherlands has a lot of advantages:

  • Good communication
  • Easy to visit the factory with customers
  • High-quality production machines
  • Exact cost calculations so that the value for money is guaranteed
  • High-quality materials
  • Perfect follow-up of CE-guidelines
  • Logistical advantages
  • Short lines of communication make it easy to produce custom-made presses

Would you like to know more about the Profi Press or about RHTC? Contact them via: / / +31 486 463033.