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Custom-made portal presses

Many companies need a hydraulic portal press for straightening large sheet metal and heavy / big material: our Profi Press portal presses are your best choice for this job. 

We can deliver our portal presses in various tonnages and with various table lengths. Do you require a table of 6 meter? No problem for us, send us a message and we will inform you about all the possibilities! 


  • Table size to your requirements 
  • Tonnage to your requirements (max. 400 ton)
  • Motorised movable portal
  • Motorised movable cylinder
  • Cylinder stroke is easy to regulate with the end-stroke switches
  • Selector for manual / semi-automatic operation
  • Pressure regulator and manometer


Optional accessories

  • Milling lower flat table
  • Small cylinders fitted in the lower table to lift pieces (each 2 ton power), connected to a second hydraulic group
  • Additional extension for the cylinder
  • Wireless remote control for the movement of the portal / cylinder


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