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This 28 ton C-frame press is made in Europe and suitable for cutting, punching and stamping. The piston stroke can be regulated by an electronic NC-controller. With this control-system it is possible to set the position of the piston stroke with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. When you need to hold the press in its lowest position, you can adjust this holding time from 0 to 2 seconds.

The C-frame press has two work modes: manual and semi-automatic. Its table is equipped with a central hole (ø 40 mm): waste from punching operations can fall freely through this hole into the collection tray. Adjusting the speed and pressing force can be done by means of the hydraulic adjustment valves. The press is also equipped with a manometer.

The threaded tip of the M55x2 stamping die makes it possible to apply various types of nuts for installing a tool. This stamping die is standard equipment for this C-frame press.

Directly available from our warehouse.

Technical specifications

  • Pressure force [tn]: 28
  • Motor power [kW]: 4
  • Min. working speed [mm/sec]: 2
  • Max. working speed [mm/sec]: 9.8
  • Return speed [mm/sec]: 20
  • Piston stroke [mm]: 150
  • Vertical light [mm]: 250
  • Throat depth [mm]: 225
  • Table size (L x W) [mm]: 325 x 300
  • Total length [mm]: 600
  • Total width [mm]: 550
  • Total height [mm]: 2000
  • Weight [kg]: 650


    • NC-control to set the piston stroke
    • Selector for manual or semi-automatic operation
    • Flow adjustment valve and pressure control valve
    • Integrated pressure manometer
    • Different tooling can be installed onto the piston


    Optional accessories

    • Several stamps and dies
    • Several punch tools for various applications


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