New: Special C-frame Press (60 Ton)

Ever dreamed about a 2-in-1 press?! RHTC is making this dream come true!

At the end of 2022 we delivered this Special C-frame Press (60 Ton) to meet the specific needs of the company MECA CORNUS (12).

Special C-Frame Press 60 Ton

First, we had some conversations with the manager Joann FABREGUETTES who was looking for a machine combining the advantages of a C-frame Press and a Workshop Press. As his desired hydraulic press was intended for straightening large parts, a solution was required that would allow the passage of these parts and keep the advantages of a hydraulic workshop press with a table that can be moved up and down.

Our design office made plans based on our C-frame press, the PPC-50 model, with the hydraulic unit of our 60T M-2 workshop press. The result: a special C-frame Press (60 Ton), the PP-CMT-60!

We would like to thank the company MECA CORNUS, previously Garage Fabreguettes for their confidence and trust! If you wish to become an associate of the cooperative society (SCIC), do not hesitate to contact them via their website or by phone (+33) 05 65 99 36 85.

And if you would like to have more information about our new special C-frame Press (60 Ton), please contact us directly for more information! We show this model in our showroom as well, you are very welcome to visit us!

Special C-Frame Press at the customer MECA CORNUS