A new Roll Bender Model is now part of the Profi Bend assortment: the PB50-3HM!

Allow us to introduce you to this new profile bender, which is directly available from our stock in the Netherlands!

Roll Bender Model - PB50-3HM

You have been familiar with our PB50-3H for a while, which is our profile bending machine with a hydraulic adjustment of the top roll by means of a hand pump. Next to that, we also have the PB50-3HM; with this roll bender model you adjust the position of the top roll hydraulically and motorised (hence the abbreviation HM).


A short reminder of the amazing features of our Profi Bend machine:


  • You can work in a vertical and horizontal position: changing this work position is quick just by tilting the head thanks to the use of a telescopic actuator (you do not have to move the whole machine). The weight of the head is compensated by a hydraulic cylinder.
  • All three rollers are driven, with the possibility of disconnecting the drive to the upper bending roll. Most profile bending machines in the market have OR 2 driven rollers OR 3 driven rollers, however with our Profi Bend, you have both options in 1 machine.
  • Delivered with a standard set of rollers to bend many different profiles and flat bars. We can also deliver additional roller sets for bending various pipe sizes and square tubes.
  • All Profi Bend machines are equipped with channels for forklift forks, which allows you to transport the machine trouble-free all around the workplace.
  • The adjustment of the position of the upper roll is very easy, the configuration depends on the model you choose.


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