It was the end of 2019 when one of our customers saw the Profi Press C-frame press: it was love at first sight!

At that time we had a 80 ton C-frame press in stock and we invited a customer to our showroom. He liked the press immediately, but needed a 100 ton pressure force to perform the required tasks in his steel construction company. Our wide range of C-frame presses includes 100 ton C-frame presses as well, so after the official order was received, we started the production.

Since he ordered a standard press, the production time was short. So this morning, on the 14th of February, the Cframe press has been loaded into the truck by van Grinsven B.V (where it was stored for about a week). And now the machine is on its way to the steel construction company in North-Macedonia and our customer is waiting for its arrival next week. Have a safe trip!

Loading C-frame press

100 ton Cframe press loading