A couple of weeks ago, a custom-made portal press came out of production. The company to which we delivered this hydraulic press repairs and manufactures gearboxes and gear wheels. For their work, the manually movable portal is ideal. First they place their products with a crane on the large working table. And afterwards they move the portal and cylinder over the product to start the pressing.

We met the customer during the Euroblech 2018. We exhibited our new portal press with manually movable portal there. They were interested in this press right away. The standard dimensions of this press did not fulfil the requirements, so we started to design a portal press that would meet their wishes.


The result

And this is the result: a custom-made portal press with a pressure force of 160 ton and a working width of 1500 mm. The press also has a cylinder stroke of 700 mm, a vertical light of 1000 mm and a table height of 1200 mm. The table has a large hole in it, so the axis can fall through this hole after pressing. This customer also required a hand remote controller. With this remote controller the operator can walk around the whole press and control the up- and down movement of the cylinder from a distance.

Custom-made portal press

In total the press has a length of 2000 mm, a width of 2500 mm and a height of 3200 mm. Because of this height, we had to order an exceptional transport: the press did not fit in a regular truck. Transportation went well and the press has been set up in the company now. We wish them many happy operational hours!


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Are you also looking for a portal press, but do the standard dimensions of these hydraulic presses fall short on your wishes? Please let us know, we can adjust our presses to many different requirements! We look forward to your e-mail or telephone call!

High portal press custom-made