🚀 RHTC is proud to announce this C-frame Press (50 tons) delivery! Our French RHTC department recently sold and shipped the Siemens NC-equipped PPCM-50 C-Frame Press to our French customer SOMERI in Tulle !

C-frame Press 50 Ton with NC control

🛠️ SOMERI, with its expertise since 1974, excels in design, industrialization and production. As designers and manufacturers of cutting tools, they make a significant contribution to industry.

🤝 We are particularly proud of this collaboration, having first met Laurent Ribeiro, Someri’s Sales Director, at the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE show in Lyon in March 2023, where we exhibited this C-frame Press. Our customer had a specific project in mind – installing tooling of their own manufacture on this press. Our PPCM-50 solution was a perfect match, so the C-frame Press (50 tons) delivery took place directly after their purchase decision.

💼 We would like to express our gratitude to SOMERI for their confidence, and look forward to supporting them in their future projects! Please do not hesitate to contact them at: [email protected]

📧 If you are looking for a high quality C-Frame Press, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, you can also view our presses at the C-frame Press product page on our website. 

C-frame Press 50 tons delivery to France