Last Tuesday our colleague Esther Huberts visited Mouw Hoedliggers, where one of our hydraulic presses (500 tons) is in operation. During her visit she shared some pictures and had an online video-call with a potential customer for another 500 ton production press.

If a customer is not able to visit in person, we go above and beyond to find other solutions. The result: a successful online meeting to discuss final details about our hydraulic press offer, a good catch-up with our existing customer Mouw Hoedliggers and some nice pictures to share with you!

Soon we will go back to Mouw to make a video of the production press itself and how it is integrated in their automated production line, stay tuned!

Interested in one of our hydraulic presses (500 tons or another tonnage) as well? Contact us via our website and we will be happy to inform you about them!

Hydraulic Production Press - Profi Press


Hydraulic Press 500 Tons in Productionline