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Special 80 ton C-frame press

This special C-frame press has a capacity of 80 ton. It consist of a rigid structure with a slotted upper table driven by the main cylinder, four lateral guides and a slotted, removable lower table with a lower cylinder that acts as an ejector.

The regulation of the pressure and the stroke of the main cylinder and ejector cylinder is done by means of the programming screen situated in the control panel of the press.

The operator can program and save various automatic cycles for an easy operation of this special C-frame press.

We delivered two of these hydraulic presses to the same customer, whose outages reduced immediately.

Made in Europe. Read more about these presses in the blog-section of our website!

Technical specifications

  • Power [tn]: 80
  • Maximum pressure [bar]: 320
  • Piston stroke [mm]: 900
  • Distance between the tables [mm]: 1.000
  • Ejector in lower table [tn]: 15
  • Ejector stroke [mm]: 500


  • Main cylinder of 80 ton

  • Ejector cylinder of 15 ton
  • Adjustable output speed for the ejector
  • Siemens NC-control to program and save automatic cycles



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