A website with multiple languages is very important for us, since we sell our Profi Press, Profi Bend and Profi Punch all over the world. We always make sure that our website is up-to-date in English, German and Dutch. However since the beginning of this year, we added a new language and that is Russian.

Since we operate worldwide, the visitors of our website come from all over the world. However recently we discovered that there is a large increase of visitors that are looking for hydraulic presses in Russia! There has been a growth of website visitors from Russia of 136% comparing the website results from January and February. What a great result! Knowing that our Russian website has only been live for a few months, this increase is just the beginning. We cannot wait to receive more and more requests via our Russian website. Let’s expand the sales of our hydraulic presses, profile bending machines and punching machines over there!

At RHTC we do not speak Russian ourselves, but we have a few partners who can perfectly accommodate the requests of hydraulic presses in Russia. So, if someone is interested in a Profi Press, Profi Bend or Profi Punch and they only speak Russian, one of our partners will be directly in touch. In this way there will be no language barrier and Russian companies can purchase our high quality machinery without hesitation.

Contact us in any language!

For the future we are planning to add some more languages, which language would you like to see here? In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us in your own language. We have an extended dealer network all over the world, so whether your request is in French, Spanish, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Arabic and so on, our dealers are here to take care of your application.