What is better than starting your day by being introduced to a new custom-made straightening press from Profi Press? 🌅✨

Combination between C-frame and Straightening Press

Meet the special PPTL-60 – where our Portal Press meets our C-frame Press! This is more than just a machine; this Profi Press is a real game-changer!

Custom-built to meet the unique needs of our customer in France: a capacity of 60 tons, a table length of 3000 mm and a movable C-frame along this table to reach each point of the surface effortlessly.

Producing custom-made hydraulic presses is our expertise and passion! Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, and in just a few weeks, you could be the proud owner of a fully tailored Profi Press hydraulic press! Or just give us a call to get to know more details about this custom-made straightening press, we are happy to give you some more information!

Custom-made Straightening Press (C-frame)