Did you know that you can perform many deep drawing tasks with our hydraulic presses?

Let us show you a video of one of our customers that is working with a Profi Press C-frame Press (100 ton) with a Hydraulic Cushion (40 ton).

As you can see, the operator places a metal sheet inside the working area of the press and part of an exhaust pipe comes out. Since these parts of the exhaust pipes are produced in large production batches, the speeds and an easy operation of the press are important. That is why this Profi Press Deep-Drawing Hydraulic Press was designed and programmed in such a way that the operator only needs to put the material in the press and when he removes his hands from the working area again, the press automatically starts its cycle. Thanks to this feature the operator can prepare some material (because his hands are free) while another part is being pressed at the same time. This saves a lot of time and therefore it also saves money.

Interested in a deep-drawing hydraulic press? Please have a look at the product page of our website or contact us directly ([email protected] / +31 486 463033). We can offer many different options since the hydraulic cushions can be installed in almost any of our hydraulic presses.

A big thanks to Shot4Media for the production of this video and of course, thanks to our customer HGS Exhaust Systems for allowing us to film at their premises.