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C-frame Press - PPCF-model

This hydraulic C-frame press has a capacity of 100 tons with high approach- and return speeds. Suitable to carry out tasks involving deep-drawing, stamping and forming in medium and high volumes. And you are also able to incorporate these presses in automated production lines.

We design this hydraulic C-frame press with an upper- and lower table with T-grooves. The upper table ensures a perfect alignment by means of four cylindrical lateral guides (∅ 50 mm). Equipped with a main cylinder and two lateral cylinders to achieve the high speeds. The hydraulic unit is standard provided with an air-oil cooling system as well.

This high speed C-frame press has a control panel featuring a Siemens PLC with touch screen. The control system permits programming the power, the cylinder stroke and pressure-time. It has a storage capacity to save up to 300 different working cycles.

All our C-frame presses are made in Europe and delivered according to the latest CE standards. High quality guaranteed!

Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have any questions about our Profi Press program. We also would like to invite you to visit our RHTC You-Tube Channel. Here you can see some videos of our hydraulic presses and other metal working machines we have in our assortment.

Digital NC-control for the PPCF-models
PPCF-100, C-Frame Press
Hydraulic C-frame Press - PPCF-model
Technical specifications
  • Force [tn]: 100
  • Motor power [kw]: 7.5
  • Throat depth [mm]: 375
  • Working speed [mm/sec]: 8
  • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 108
  • Return speed [mm/sec]: 155
  • Maximum pressure [bar]: 290
  • Piston stroke [mm]: 450
  • Guides diameter [mm]: 50
  • Lower table size [mm]: 850 x 600
  • Upper table size [mm]: 700 x 450
  • Max. vertical light [mm]: 650
  • Working height [mm]: 900
  • Total length [mm]: 2340
  • Total width (frontal) [mm]: 1240
  • Overall height [mm]: 2630
  • Weight [kg]: 3900
Features of this hydraulic C-frame press
  • Made out of S355JR steel
  • Equipped with an upper- and lower table with T-grooves (DIN-650); tools can be easily fastened onto the tables
  • Perfect alignment thanks to four lateral guides for the upper table
  • One main cylinder and two lateral cylinders for high speeds
  • Two lateral protection screens (which can be opened) with level IV safety light guards at the front
  • Siemens control panel to program the power, cylinder stroke & pressure time, to select the work mode & cylinder speeds and with a capacity to save up to 300 working cycles
  • Operation by means of a foot pedal
Optional accessories
  • Geometry adapted to your requirements (for example larger tables, a larger vertical light or a larger piston stroke)
  • Adaptations to robotics
  • Hydraulic connections to peripheral systems
  • Hydraulic cushion / ejector

Optional Hydraulic Cushion in C-frame Press




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