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C-Frame Press - PPCD-model

Our 50 ton C-frame press is suitable for performing work involving deep-drawing, forming and stamping.

Equipped with a lower table with T-grooves, an adjustable piston stroke (with end-stroke switches), two speeds and a pressure switch. This 50 ton C-frame press has a manual and semi-automatic mode. Furthermore, you can operate the press by means of the two-hand push buttons.

All our C-frame presses are made in Europe and delivered according to the latest CE standards. High quality guaranteed!

Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have any questions about our Profi Press program. We also would like to invite you to visit our RHTC You-Tube Channel. Here you can see some videos of our hydraulic presses and other metal working machines we have in our assortment.

Lower Table with T-grooves
Stroke Setting for these C-frame Presses
Control Panel - C-frame Presses
Technical specifications of this 50 tons C-frame press
  • Force [tn]: 50
  • Motor power [kw]: 4
  • Throat depth [mm]: 265
  • Working speed [mm/sec]: 6.3
  • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 31
  • Return speed [mm/sec]: 42
  • Maximum pressure [bar]: 320
  • Piston stroke [mm]: 250
  • Lower table size [mm]: 450 x 450
  • Max. vertical light [mm]: 400
  • Working height [mm]: 850
  • Total length [mm]: 1170
  • Total width (frontal) [mm]: 740
  • Height [mm]: 2080
  • Weight [kg]: 1480
  • Made out of S355JR steel
  • Equipped with a mechanized lower table with T-grooves
  • The cylinder is mechanized at the end to adapt tools and moulds
  • The cylinder stroke is easy to adjust with the end-stroke switches
  • Manual / Semi-automatic work mode
  • Two cylinder speeds
  • Pressure switch and manometer
  • Operation by two-hands push buttons

C-frame Press (PPCD-50) with customized vertical light

Optional accessories
  • Geometry adapted to your requirements (for example a larger table or longer piston stroke)
  • Hydraulic ejector
  • Punching tool-set for diameters from 6 up to 100 mm with anti-deformation elastic hold-down

Punch Tooling for C-frame press

  • 415 mm bending tool-set (Promecam clamping system)
  • Cooling equipment for the hydraulic group by an air-oil cooling system


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